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Spa Hotel K. Starnberger See.jpg

Architecturural competition

Hotel at 
Starnberger Lake

The bathrooms of the spa feel like the boat cabins of the ships on the nearby lake, while the relaxation room is oriented fully into the historic park of the fin de siècle hotel.

Haus Jonasz Wohnzimmer.jpg

New building, Lublin, Poland

The ground floor house looks like a weightless, archaic rock that hovers over a gentle slope in the middle of a spacious, undulating landscape. Fireplace, pool as well as the natural materials reinforce the original, elementary character. 


Reconstruction, Augsburg

The general renovation of the church conference hotel included 80 hotel rooms, a spa, several conference and dining rooms, the forecourt and the church roof. Warmth was combined with sacred concentration.

01 Praxis Dr. Gerneth Beilngries-modern-Architektur-Arzt-Orthopaede-weisser-Beton-Blum-Arc

New building, Beilngries

The free, shaped volume appears to have been carved out of one material and protrudes from the slope. It combines dynamic form with natural textures and materials.


Competition, South Korea

In order to intensify the interplay of architecture and water, in our concept the buildings stand directly in the water and are embraced on all sides by the sea. 

Curved forms reflect the confluence of the visitors.

01 Einfamilienhaus Lindner Truderung moderne Architektur Blum Architekten.jpg

New building, Munich

The house has a concise shape with an exciting interplay of openness and unity. The sunken ground floor allows not only more living space in the roof, but also an interesting spatial definition.


01 Apartment Busch Wohnungsumbau München Küche mordene Architektur architecture.jpg

Housing conversion, Munich

In order to put the originally 3 apartments together sensibly and generously, the floor plan was completely redesigned. The sculptural stairs with the curved, white surfaces contrast the intense, natural materials  of the build in furniture.

01_Clemens-Maria_Kinderheim_Putzbrunn_Speisesaal_Leuchtschrift Blum Architekten .jpg

Reconstruction, Putzbrunn

The aim was to create an atmosphere of lightness and openness like in a studio. As a sculptural element, a white band flows around the entire room and forms benches and sideboards.

01 Bad Fuessing Grosses Kurhaus Kino Blum Architekten mordern Wasser.jpg

Reconstruction, Bad Fuessing cultural center

The cultural center with its theater, cinema, foyer and conference rooms reflect the spring water of the health resort. Together with the natural wooden surfaces, a fresh, lively and at the same time warm atmosphere is created.

01 Prueftechnik showroom Ismaning Blum Architekten .jpg

Concept, ismaning

Ribbons made of sheet steel swing freely through the room and structure the futuristic showroom. They present and didactically connect the exhibits. 

03_Neue_Pinakothek_München_Rottmannsaal_Umbau_Fresken Blum Architekten.jpg

Reconstruction, Munich

A new room was specially designed for the newly exhibited frescoes, which, through its materiality, creates a reference to the original location of the pictures.

04 Cafe Karameel Domargkstr Muenchen Blum Architekten.jpg

Shopfitting, Munich

In allusion to the atmosphere of a Viennese coffee house, the traditional, natural materials marble and Brazilian cherry have been chosen. 

01 Cafe Neue Pinakothek Muenchen Blum Architekten.jpg

Reconstruction, Munich

The concept is based on the balance between the cool fresco plaster, which accentuates the incidence of light through the skylights, and warm-toned elements. Natural elegance and festivity determine the rooms.



Apartment building, Starnberg

The social housing in Starnberg appears varied, flooded with light and high quality due to the separation of the buildings and the large-scale glazed stairwells. 

01 Einfamilienhaus Siedlung Sankt Ottilien Geltendorf Blum Architekten.jpg

Project development, Geltendorf

Each of the gardens of the complex offers a view of the nearby mountains. By adapting the houses to the topography and the variation of the houses, the ensemble appears grown and not sterile.


Settlement model project, Starnberg

This cohousing project was ment to be built and iniciated by the families themselfs. Open spaces and communal facilities are part of the design and  enable a much more attractive living environment.

01 Seeanbindung Starnberg Starnberg Seepromenade Blum Architekten .jpg

Concept, Starnberg

By laying the track system in a tunnel, the city of Starnberg is creating aconnection to the lake in this concept. A lively and green promenade is created through a beer garden, walkways and platforms on the lake, as well as a market and public green spaces.


Competition, Fargo USA

The dynamic structures form an inviting square on the main street, a green courtyard inside and a shopping arcade in the central axis. The facades are brought to life by glazed ramps, stairs and platforms.


01 sisley-maison-munich-Blum Architekten.jpg

Realization of shop fitting LPH 4-8, Munich

For the skin care brand Sisley Paris we implemented the "Maison" in Munich and took over the construction planning, tendering and construction management.

02 Loewe Store Muenchen Munich Blum Architekten.jpg

Realization of shop fitting LPH 4-8, Munich

We implemented the store in Munich for the Loewe (Madrid) and MBAS fashion brands, taking on parts of the construction planning, tendering and construction management.


Realization of LPH 5-8, Telfs Austria

For AUDI and Designliga we implemented the temporary theater with stage technology for a series of events and took over construction planning, tendering and construction management.

01 Audi Festkoglalm Obergurgl Designliga Blum Architekten.jpg

Realization LPH 4-8, Obergurgl Austria

Die Audi AG ist ein langjähriger Auftrag-geber der Designliga. Als strategische Partner im Bereich der Ausführungsplanung haben wir die Designliga bei der Realisie-rung  unterstützt. Im Rahmen dieser Tätigkeit haben wir die Konstruktionsplanung, Aus-schreibung und Bauleitung übernommen.

01 designliga_porsche_sylt_frontal_showroom_rs2.7_totale_0.jpg

Realization of interior fittings LPH 4-8, Sylt D

For Porsche and Designliga we implemented the interior of the Porsche showroom on Sylt and took over construction planning, tendering and construction management.

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