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Competition, South Korea

Busan Opera

The “The Swans” project was our contribution to the ideas competition for the new opera house in Busan.

In order to intensify the interplay of architecture and water, in our concept the buildings stand directly in the water and are surrounded on all sides by the sea.  Curved forms reflect the confluence of the visitors. The combination of dynamic straight passages and shadows on the curved surfaces resemble the foresails of elegant yachts. The teak ship's floor also evokes a maritime association. Axes and visual relationships from the surrounding urban structure are recorded by the walkways and shapes in order to capture the movement of the visitors and guide them to the main buildings. The wings standing freely in the water also serve as point de vue for guiding visitors.  Reaching out walkways and platforms penetrate the sea and buildings.

Team: Damien Pericles,  María ArteagaSebastian Blum

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