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01 Apartment Busch Wohnungsumbau München Küche mordene Architektur architecture.jpg

Housing conversion, Munich

In order to put the originally 3 apartments together sensibly and generously, the floor plan was completely redesigned. The sculptural stairs with the curved, white surfaces are made up of intense and natural materials  opposite to.

01_Clemens-Maria_Kinderheim_Putzbrunn_Speisesaal_Leuchtschrift Blum Architekten .jpg

Reconstruction, Putzbrunn

The aim was to create an atmosphere of lightness and openness like in a studio. As a sculptural element, a white band flows around the entire room and forms benches and sideboards.

01 Bad Fuessing Grosses Kurhaus Kino Blum Architekten mordern Wasser.jpg

Reconstruction, Bad Füssing cultural center

The cultural center with its theater, cinema, foyer and conference rooms reflect the spring water of the health resort. Together with the natural wooden surfaces, a fresh, lively and at the same time warm atmosphere is created.

01 Prueftechnik showroom Ismaning Blum Architekten .jpg

Concept, ismaning

Belts made of sheet steel swinging freely through the room structure the futuristic showroom. They present and didactically connect the exhibits. 

03_Neue_Pinakothek_München_Rottmannsaal_Umbau_Fresken Blum Architekten.jpg

Reconstruction, Munich

A new room was specially designed for the newly exhibited frescoes, which, through its materiality, creates a reference to the original location of the pictures.

04 Cafe Karameel Domargkstr Muenchen Blum Architekten.jpg

Shopfitting, Munich

In allusion to the atmosphere of a Viennese coffee house, the traditional, natural materials marble and Brazilian cherry have been chosen. 

01 Cafe Neue Pinakothek Muenchen Blum Architekten.jpg

Reconstruction, Munich

The concept is based on the balance between the cool fresco plaster, which accentuates the incidence of light through the skylights, and warm-toned elements. According to the paintings from the turn of the century, natural elegance and festivity determine the room.

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