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Apartment building, Starnberg

The social housing in Starnberg appears varied, flooded with light and high quality due to the dismantling of the buildings and the large-scale glazed stairwells. 

01 Einfamilienhaus Siedlung Sankt Ottilien Geltendorf Blum Architekten.jpg

Project development, Geltendorf

Each of the gardens of the complex offers a view of the nearby mountains. By adapting the houses to the topography and the variation of the houses, the ensemble appears grown and not sterile.


Settlement model project, Starnberg

This project was intended to be cohousing, ie the families who ultimately live in the houses are at the same time builders and acquire the land more cheaply directly from the community. Open spaces and communal facilities are part of the design and  enable a much more attractive living environment.

01 Seeanbindung Starnberg Starnberg Seepromenade Blum Architekten .jpg

Concept, Starnberg

By laying the track system in a tunnel, the city of Starnberg is connected to the lake in this concept. A lively and green promenade is created through a beer garden, walkways and platforms on the lake, as well as a market and public green spaces.


Competition, Fargo USA

The dynamic structures form an inviting square on the main street, a green courtyard inside and a shopping arcade in the central axis. The facades are brought to life by glazed ramps, stairs and platforms.

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