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Apartment building, Starnberg

"AM SONNENHOF" settlement

The '' Am Sonnenhof '' estate in Starnberg was designed, completely planned, financed and implemented by us. From the project idea and the preliminary planning to the land-use planning, the approval planning, all further service phases of the building planning according to the HOAI, the project control and construction supervision to the property supervision (construction management), all services were carried out by us on behalf of the SWG housing association, partly in cooperation with it provided to us.
Here, a new type of financing system developed by us in cooperation with the SWG housing cooperative was used, which uses public housing subsidies for the construction of owner-occupied apartments that are intended to be rented to authorized persons. By combining it with extremely low production costs, an extremely attractive offer for private investors in socially subsidized housing construction was created, which meant a safe and at the same time highly profitable investment.
So it was possible for us to use the apartments for

Apartment sales were extremely difficult times shortly before the financial crisis, when the banks promised returns of 8% and more on investments to sell the apartments smoothly and in a short time to private investors.
The ensemble comprises 105 residential units of various sizes in multi-storey buildings. Specifications of the city of Starnberg resulted in a total of 5 building lines, which were designed as three-in-hand with a ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor and an attic with terrace apartments above an underground car park. A special feature are the generously dimensioned, bright staircases with three-flight staircases, which are located on the north side and allow access to the apartments on the ground floor and at the same time to those on the upper floors. An important goal in this project was to find a cost-effective construction method with a good quality of execution that still makes an attractive impression after more than 10 years of use. This goal has been achieved, as the pictures from recent times show.

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