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Reconstruction, Putzbrunn

Clemens Maria Children's Home

During the renovation of the Clemens Maria Children's Home in Putzbrunn, an atmosphere of lightness and openness like in a studio was created with simple means. Small rooms were connected to one another, creating a large room with several bays. Similar to industrial rooms that have been converted into artist studios, the walls remain calm, only a white-painted board formwork structures them. Due to this background, the lettering consisting of pears directly attached to the walls comes into its own, as does the "cloud of light" made up of many small pendant lights. These simple design elements give the room an artistic, light, playful look. At the same time, the coolness of the wall color and the terrazzo floor is balanced out by warm elements such as the matt  Teak and the leather of the seat cushions. As a sculptural element hanging on the wall, a white ribbon flows around the entire room and folds up and down again and again to form benches and sideboards.

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