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Reconstruction, Bad Fuessing cultural center

Kurhaus Bad Fuessing

The "Great Kurhaus" is a cultural center in the spa town of Bad Füssing, famous for its spring water, with a theater hall, associated foyer, conference rooms, a cinema and a reading room as well as extensive ancillary rooms. The entire complex was completely renovated and redesigned by us. Our architectural goal here was to maintain the special character of the original building by the architect von Branca despite the extensive construction work required and to add a few highlights. The material combination of dark wooden roof construction and white plaster, which is important for the rural but modern atmosphere, has been retained and continued. The new cinema and the new theater hall stand out as design highlights. In the cinema, the entire sound system and the sophisticated room acoustics were housed behind a seamless covering, so that

the entire wall surface could be covered with a photograph of light structures under water applied to the stretch fabric. The light structure of the photographer Wolfgang Pulver encompasses the entire auditorium. In the other rooms of the building, too, nothing of the new building technology can be seen in order to preserve the natural character of the building. Backlit photographs by the same photo artist, all of which are based on the hot springs of the health resort and are all about water, can be found in the most important parts of the building, including behind the bar, in the middle of the foyer, which has a seamless, flowing white shape Surface. 

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