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Competition, Niederlausitz

Landmark Niederlausitz

The competition entry for the new "Landmark Niederlausitz" was a very artistic interpretation of the building task, which consisted of developing a striking structural symbol for the lake area emerging from the former open-cast mining areas at a freely selectable location. Due to its location in the middle of one of the lakes, the observation tower we proposed, made up of three wall panels approx. 40 meters high, should not only function as a point de vue that can be seen from afar, but also provide an interesting view of the lake world. 

In the tower, a three-dimensional labyrinth of walkways and bridges opens up to the visitor, which repeatedly leads through the ravine-like space between the three large wall panels to the freely cantilevered turning platforms. The silvery, matt surface made of patinated steel creates a reference to the industrial past of the place. 

Team: Damien Pericles, James Melsom, Sebastian Blum, Statics: Dr. Zoran Novacki

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